Leading Edge 48.19: 1/48 CT-133, Grey Scheme

Units: Various




Scott Van Aken

Note: Also Available in  1/72 and 1/32scale

One of the longest operators of the T-33 Shooting Star was the Canadian Air Force. Built by Canadair as the CT-133, most of these aircraft had a more powerful engine that can be identified by an additional small exhaust on the upper rear fuselage. in the last decade or so of service, the Canadian T-33 fleet was painted in an overall semi-gloss grey scheme of FS 26173, a rather dark shade. This is not the same as the earlier two grey scheme, which faded quite a bit. With the new scheme, those areas where glare might be a problem were in the matte of the same shade.

Below is an image of a CT-133 from 439 squadron in this final scheme. As you can see, it is not matte.

This particular sheet is in 1/48 scale and has all the same options as the previous 1/32 sheet. It  provides markings to do any one aircraft from 414, 417, 434 or 439 squadron. The set includes full stencils as well as wing walk areas and the protective grey tape for the leading edge of the flight surfaces. It also includes the intake louvers that are often found on CAF T-33s. For kits, you are pretty well limited to the ancient Testors/Hawk kit or the newer one from Hobbycraft. 

Like all Leading Edge sheets, the instructions are first rate  and the decals themselves superbly printed in Canada.

It makes for an excellent option to the kit decals and is one that no 1/48 Canadian AF fan should be without.

January 2011

Review sheet courtesy Leading Edge Decals. Thanks for your support

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