Superscale 48-905: T-38 Talon

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Scott Van Aken

This is the second sheet designed for the Sword T-38. There are common markings for one plane that includes the anti-glare panel and wing walk areas. Insignia are provided for two. It offers a nice variety of older schemes and without further ado, here is what is available.

First up is the very nice 9 SRW boss bird with its nice yellow bands. These planes were used for pilot proficiency as it wasn't possible to allow pilots to get all their flight hours with the mission aircraft, which in this case were the SR-71 and U-2.

Next is another boss bird from the 80th FTW. This unit is the NATO training command and many of these planes are/were owned by the Germans.

Finally, a 479 TTW aircraft in the camo scheme of FS 15164, 15109 and 15450. I gave gloss vice matte FS numbers as every one of these planes I've seen have been quite shiny.

A nice touch on the sheet is that the large underwing 'USAF' has been printed in sections for easy placement.

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