Croco 1/72 T-34A/B/C Mentor/TurboMentor

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Scott Van Aken

I recently reviewed some 1/72 T-34C kits which included only one set of decal options. I'm always looking for something different for my models and much to my delight, Croco has come through with a very nice set. It looked familiar and I think that this is actually one produced by FCM in 1/48 several years back. At least the instruction sheet looks like theirs. So I'm going to assume it is a collaborative effort.

This particular sheet provides markings for both the recip and turpo-prop versions so those of you with the Hasegawa kit that are looking for some options will fine a couple here. In fact, I'll start with those.

In white with large international orange areas is a plane from Uruguay in 1988

The other is in silver or unpainted metal with the Bolivian Air Force in 2007.

The first of the turbo planes is an Uruguay Navy plane in the standard white with international orange in 2006.

There are three options from Ecuador. One is in a SEA camouflage scheme, then a standard scheme plane. One that is a bit unusual has replaced the international orange with FS 36270 medium grey. This is an Ecuador Navy aircraft. 

The decals themselves are superbly printed and it seems you can do most of the schemes on the sheet. Well worth picking up if you like this type and want to do some South American options.

August 2018

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