LF Models C7287 Latin American Vibrators pt IV

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Scott Van Aken

The BT-13 has not seen a lot of plastic dedicated to it. Over the years there have been resin kits in both scales and two short run kits from LF Models and from Pavla. I've not seen the LF kit, but based on some of their other offerings, it may be a good thing.

I decided to give the Pavla kit a go and knowing that the plane was used by many nations post war, went looking for alternate markings. I found several sets and so ordered this one. What arrived was a nicely printed sheet with warnings about using solvent paint to cover it and care in cutting out each marking. This tells me it is an ALPS printed sheet as those are somewhat fragile and scratch quite easily. It may also explain the rather high price for what is admittedly a pretty small decal sheet. Just something to think about when one goes searching for decals. This is very much a case of 'no one else does these' so there it is.

This is one of several sheets produced by LF Models for Latin American BT-13s, each sheet featuring two planes. This one has an aircraft from Cuba and one from Guatemala, both from the first half of the 1950s. The Cuban plane is unpainted metal while the Guatemalan version is just listed as 'grey'. It looks a tad dark and may well be FS 16473 ADC Grey. In fact, one could surmise from the profile that the Cuban plane has a grey fuselage. One will need to do a bit of research to verify this.  The sheet comes with a small sheet of paper on which are printed profiles for the left and right as well as upper and lower views.

If you have dealt with ALPS printed decals, these should be no surprise.

February 2016

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