Caracal Models CD 48023: T-45C Part 1

Units: TW-2 and VX-23


$15.99 which includes US shipping


Scott Van Aken

The next new sheet from Caracal Models is for a kit that is on its way, specifically the Kinetic 1/48 T-45 Goshawk. This particular sheet has a pair of colorful aircraft in the base shades of white with International Orange markings. This is the standard USN trainer scheme.

The first plane is a special set of markings for VT-21 'Redhawks', based at NAS Kingsville, Texas. The nose is basically black, ove which the hawk motif is applied. The tail is white with the three jets swooping up from the fuselage. The fuselage insignia are non-standard, being 'stretched'

The second is a rather special plane from VX-23 at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland. It is marked to commemorate the first bio-fuel T-45 powered flight. Aside from the special fuselage marking, the aircraft is standard in all respects.

As a bonus to the first 200 orders of this sheet, Caracal Models has included the full markings for the two specially painted 'yellow wings' T-45s used to commemorate 100 years of Naval Aviation. Both schemes are different from each other in their paint jobs and very much worth building. The image of this sheet has been darkened to allow the white to be more easily seen.

The decals themselves are superbly printed and very much in register. Produced by Cartograf in Italy, you know you are getting the best. The instruction sheet has a load of additional information on these planes and there is a full stencil placement guide provided.

November 2012

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