Leading Edge 72.21: Harvard Mk.4 Goldilocks Team


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Scott Van Aken


Here is another most welcome reprint from the folks at Leading Edge. This is for the Harvard Mk.4 aircraft with the Goldilocks display team. There were seven aircraft in this team and you can model any one of the seven team aircraft with this sheet.  

A bit of information on the Harvard. First off, it is not a T-6. There are two main visual differences between the two. One is that the aircraft has a rather long exhaust. The other is that the rear window has an extra frame on it. The base of this window is also shallower than on the T-6. As this is a post war Harvard, it has the T-6G style greenhouse without all the panes. Note also that there is a small pipe running from just under the windscreen on the right side to the front of the exhaust for the oil used to make smoke. The aircraft also have the ARN-6 ADF antenna on the rear fuselage. The planes also lack main gear doors.

There are a couple of kits out there that will work for this. The only true Harvard in 1/72 is the old Airfix kit, however, aside from the rear of the canopy and the windscreen, the rest will have to taken from a T-6G. In that vein, we have the old Heller and much newer Academy kits. One of these days we'll get a proper post war Harvard. 

The decals themselves are superbly printed and you'll find Leading Edge's usual excellent instructions.

December 2019

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