Superscale 72-322: T-28 Trojans

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$Long out of production


Scott Van Aken


Superscale did this same basic sheet in 1/48, though without a lot of the additional stripes and such. The T-28 has only been blessed with a single kit in 1/72 and that is the Heller version. This kit suffers from a couple of things that don't make it a 'true' T-28. First off, it is a Fennec. Those aircraft were T-28As that were updated with the later B/C/D engine. As a result, they have a T-28A canopy, which is a different height. This is difficult to fix without a replacement canopy and as far as I know, only NAF produced a vac replacement. This company has been out of business a LONG time. Secondly, the Fennec had a scoop on the upper cowl. This can easily be removed and the hole filled and sanded. Thirdly, I do believe that the nose tire is too small for the USN T-28B version, though I think it is OK for the T-28D.

Now that we have that out of the way, on to what is on the sheet.

First up is a nice Bicentennial scheme on a T-28B. Other than the blue fin tip and the red/white wing stripes, the rest will have to be painted.

Next is a T-28D from the 1st SOW in your standard SEA camouflage.

The final aircraft is an Army chase aircraft used during helo testing at Edwards AFB. They had several of these planes, all done in OD and White with red trim. I've got pictures I took of them somewhere. It makes into a nice scheme.

It is nice that Superscale provided full stencil and insignia for all the subjects with this sheet.


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