Superscale 48-904: T-38A Talon

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Scott Van Aken

I was wondering if there would be aftermarket sheets for the Sword T-38 and I'm pleased to see that there are. That is great as it means that the aftermarket guys have taken notice that a lot of us build short run kits and some are worthy of the effort of a sheet or two. I hope this is a trend!

The sheet itself covers three of the more modern paint schemes worn by the T-38.

First one is the all gloss black aircraft of the Stealth support squadron; 7 FS/49 FW. These guys provide air time for pilots in the 8th and 9th FS who fly the F-117, an aircraft that isn't flown as much as other types such as the F-15 and F-16.

Next up is a 560 FTS/12 FTW plane from Randoph AFB during 1990. It is in the new two color scheme of FS 16473 and 16118. Frankly, I'm not that jazzed about it, but they didn't ask my opinion!

Finally a rather short lived scheme on an 82 FTW plane that was applied to a few T-38s and a lot more T-37s. This one is Insignia Blue over White. It has red lettering and white wings and tail planes. When it was adopted for the T-37 fleet, the lettering was changed to white and the flight surfaces were a combination of mostly Insignia Blue on the lower wing and mostly white on the upper. I'm thinking the T-38s were the same because of the two different color wing 'USAF' markings (the red going on the Insignia Blue part). However, the instructions make no mention of it.

Markings are provided for all three planes. Only the Willie bird uses the wing walk areas and the anti-glare panel.

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