Superscale 481263: T-28B Trojan
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Scott Van Aken

Superscale has released a very nice sheet for the T-28B. The sheet is, of course, recommended for the new Roden Trojan kit, but if you want to use the Monogram kit, it will work for this one as well, though apparently the fin/rudder are slightly smaller on the Monogram version. At least, that is my experience.

There are two very colorful options on this sheet. Both of them are warbirds so that is something a bit different from the norm.

First up is an Austrian registered plane in Red Bull markings with a fictitious paint scheme, as in service Trojans were not in dark blue with polished metal forward cowlings. However, when one buys and maintains such a plane, one can paint it any color one wants. I am sure that the Red Bull markings had a choice in the color scheme.

The second is a Canadian registered T-28B that was formerly with the Army at Edwards AFB. This one looks pretty much the way it did when the Army had it and if you have a decal sheet to duplicate the small serial number, you can make this an in-service plane. There is also included the US registration number carried prior to being sold to the Canadian. The instructions call for the trim to be in International Orange, which is accurate for the warbird, but I seem to recall that when the plane was in service, those areas were red. Anyway, you will need to do some masking for this one in its OD and White scheme.

 that to be in error and those spots should be painted red.  Bicentennial scheme from VT-2 in 1976. I seem to recall this scheme being done about 30 years back on an older sheet. It is Insignia Blue on the upper fuselage and upper fin as well as on the tail planes. This color is on the outer wings as well. Red is used for the lower fuselage and for four stripes on the wings. The rest, including the entire cowling save the anti-glare panel, is white. A very colorful aircraft indeed.

The other is from VT-27 in 1980 towards the end of the T-28's USN career. This is in the standard white and international orange. There are small red and blue stripes on the horizontal tailplanes.

There are insignia for both; exhaust and wing walk areas for a single aircraft.  The sheet itself is superbly printed by Cartograf.

March 2013

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