Tigerhead Decals 72017: Shooting Stars around the world

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Scott Van Aken

I like aftermarket decals. It offers the opportunity to build something a bit different from the norm and can be particularly good if the kit decals are below par. I ran across this sheet while looking for something else and decided to pick it up as I have several T-33 kits on which I could use these.

The decal sheet itself is quite small measuring 4 x 2 inches. It also contains no stencils, only the unique markings and insignia. What's more, there is no placement guide included. For that, you need to go on-line to obtain that information. The header card for the decals mentions nothing of this requirement nor did the item description from the place from whence this was purchased. Apparently this sheet is also available in 1/48 as the .pdf file one downloads is for that sheet.

There are five options on the sheet. The first is a Greek Air Force plane listed as overall da-glo orange. Unfortunately, the drawing shows only the top and one side so one does not know the underside color as shown, nor the extent of it (is it also under the wings and tailplane?)

Next is one from the Paraguayan Air Force. This is camouflaged in a dark green, tan, and 'natural' grey.

The Turkish Air Force plane is overall natural metal.

Also in unpainted metal is a Cuban Air Force plane with a yellow fin tip and lower nose.

The fifth option is from the Italian Air Force in dark green, 'slim' green, and 'natural' grey.

The sheet is nicely printed with no registration errors. While it doesn't seem like a very good value for the money, especially with the requirement to go on line to get instructions, it will provide some more interesting subjects for those who like to model other air forces. I'd recommend a bit of research on some of these.

February 2017

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