Eagle Strike 482131: Texans over Korea
Units: Various


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Scott Van Aken

Not many sheets have been done for the 1/48 T-6. Probably because they are not fighters. Well, back in 2003, Eagle Strike produced one for Korean War planes. These were used for artillery and other target spotting. Mostly they were in unpainted metal but some were in OD and some had black undersides.

This sheet contains markings for five planes and offers insignia for two.

The first plane is with the 1647 TACP Group in 1953 and has a red, white and blue fin tip and wing tip. Yellow spinner and a nose art; Scream n Rebel.

A more sedate plate with white fin and wing tip is with the 6149 TACS. No spinner on this one and a name; Lil Pot.

In OD over Neutral grey with red tips to the fin, stabs and wing tips as well as a red cowling is a 6147 TACS plane from 1950. Metal surround insignia are for this one and it carries no USAF markings.

With a red spinner and red/white/blue fin and wing tip markings is 'Night Train' with the 6149 TACS.

Not shown, but with black sections on the fin, cowling, wing and stab tips is 'Beetle Bum' with the 6147 TACS.

In all, a sheet of interest for those wanting to do Korean War T-6s.

June 2011

Review copy courtesy of me because I cannot pass up a bargain. 

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