FCM 32018: T-6/SNJ Texan

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Scott Van Aken

One of the nations that received a lot of US military equipment during WWII and afterwards was Brazil. Among the aircraft that entered service were T-6 and SNJ trainers. Typical of many nations that operated the type, these planes lasted well beyond WWII. Though not the last nation to operate the Texan, Brazil's military held onto them at least into the 1970s.

The sheet is designed for the Kitty Hawk kit and provides markings for three very different aircraft.

The first is for Brazil's "Smoke Squadron", the display team for their Air Force. The markings on this one are from 1977, which may well be the last year that the team flew the Texan before moving on to the Tucano. This plane is a base of while with large red and blue areas. The red cowling stripe and fuselage flash are provided as a decal, but other red areas and all the blue bits will need to be painted. Thanks to the scheme being relatively straight-forward, most modelers should be able to handle it.

The next plane is an SNJ-5C that was assigned to the 2nd Light Observation squadron in 1962. This aircraft is an overall yellow with a red forward cowling, blue fuselage band and blue wing tips. The rudder stripes will need to be painted. Note that this plane has an ADF antenna on the rear fuselage.

The final option is for the camo fans. In light earth/dark green over neutral grey, this 1962 T-6D was with the 41st Reconnaissance and Attack squadron. This option also has the ADF antenna, but not the tall antenna mast. Note that this one also only carries insignia on the fuselage.

The sheet is superbly done by Microscale and FCM provides a full color placement and painting guide that includes upper and lower images. There are enough markings on the sheet to do all three planes if you are so inclined. A great sheet for the big Kitty Hawk kit and offers some fine options.

November 2015

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