Iliad Designs 72012: Naval T-birds

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Scott Van Aken

This next sheet from Iliad Designs covers the use of the T-33 by the Navy and Marines. Before 1962 these were designated as TV-2s and apparently all five of the options on this sheet are from before that date. There are a number of kits that you can use for this with the Hasegawa and Heller versions being some of the oldest and the Sword and Platz kits being some of the newest. The best (in my opinion) is the Platz kit, though the venerable Hasegawa offering can be made into a nice model for the shelves.

First up is an unpainted metal version from the USN reserves at Glenview, IL. Typical of the time, this plane has the orange reserve fuselage band.

A very colorful option is the next one from GMGRU-1. This is a drone controller with yellow wings, fin and stabs. The rudder and wing bands are international orange with the fuselage being engine grey.

The first Marine offering is an unpainted metal plane from MAG-32. Note the rather large fuselage insignia and the unusual placement. All these options have black nose anti-glare panels and either black or grey nose radomes.

In overall light gull grey is a plane from NARTU Glenco GA. Note that at this aircraft and several others have the two intake warning triangles.

Finally, a hack for MCAS El Toro in later trainer colors of white and, in this case, fluorescent orange. It was not unusual for for this latter color to be international orange as well.

Decals are very nicely printed and Iliad Designs has superb instructions showing the top views as well. You are provided sufficient insignia for all the options with data markings for one.

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