Twobobs 48-064: T-38A; Aggressive Talons

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Scott Van Aken

Here is the second sheet of T-38s from Two Bobs and this sheet covers past aircraft; all in aggressor schemes. These should be real favorites as many of us like aggressor aircraft. This is also one of the shorter decal sheets I've seen with about 25% smaller than the others. I'd have preferred at least a fourth option or a reduction in price to compensate.

Anyway, the first and second aircraft are from the 64th FWS at Nellis AFB in 1975. The first aircraft is in the 'grape' scheme of FS 35109, 35414, and 35164 over 35622, similar to what several of their F-5Es were wearing. The second is a 'snake' scheme of FS 33531, 34258 and 30118 over 33531. They both have  nose numbers that are the last two of the aircraft's serial, a common practice with USAF aggressor aircraft.

The final aircraft is an AT-38B from the 449 TTW at Holloman AFB. This one is in a scheme of FS 15450, 15164, and 15109 over 15450. Again the instructions call for a matte scheme when all the ones I've seen have been gloss or semi-gloss.

Review sheet courtesy of my pal, Don Logan. Thanks, Don!

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