Leading Edge 48-42; CT-133

Units: 414sq


@14.00 CDN


Scott Van Aken

Note: Also available in 1/72

Leading Edge has gained a well deserved reputation for producing sheet for colorful presentation and display aircraft. One of the most recent is for the Canadair CT-133 Silver Star. Canada is probably one of the last military users of the T-bird trainer as its inexpensive operating cost and reliability are most helpful for the adversary role that it plays. Currently a dozen or so aircraft are used to test Canadian defense forces; mostly against ground defenses and ships. It is a similar role that the aircraft used in the USAF until the late 1980s when the T-33 was removed from the US military.

This particular sheet is just a superbly printed as any of Leading Edge's sheets. There are full marks for the aircraft and in addition to the full color painting diagram, there is a complete data sheet diagram  that includes any specific information on the scheme to help the builder. Unlike some of the other special schemes, this one is pretty straight forward. There is no need for masks or other overly time consuming preparation for this one.

On a completely different note, it seems as if most of the fancy CT-133s over the last decade have been painted in this silver to black shading with a red maple leaf on the underside. Can't they think of anything else to paint it??

Anyway, this is a super sheet and is probably designed for the Hobbycraft kit in 1/48 and the Heller kit in 1/72 as those are currently the best around.

Review sheet courtesy Leading Edge Decals. Thanks for your support

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