Twobobs 48-063: T-38A; Ebony Talons

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Scott Van Aken

With the advent of the 1/48 Sword T-38A, several decal companies have decided to do aftermarket sheets for it. A rather brave move as rarely does one see much aftermarket for a short run kit. However, these markings can also be used on the Fujimi 1/50 'T-38' if one really wants to so I guess it isn't that much of a gamble.

These are all relatively recent aircraft, dating from September of 2003 and since they are all a single color, painting the kit should be a breeze.

First up is one of the proficiency trainers of the 9 RW based at Beale AFB in California. These all black T-38s are used to give the U-2R crews  a chance to keep flight time up without having to use the expensive to operate mission aircraft.

Next is a 7 CTS aircraft from the 49 FW. These aircraft are used in a similar manner to the previous one, except in this case, the mission aircraft are the F-117A. These are also painted black and they are gloss black despite the painting instructions telling you to use flat black.

Finally, from the 509 BW comes this Gunship Grey T-38. The aircraft for which they are substitutes are the super-expensive B-2s. Again, the instructions tell you to use a flat 36118 when in actuality they are gloss or at the very least semi-gloss.

Interestingly, Two Bobs gives you two sets of all the decals on the off chance that they blend in with the background too much. Frankly, I'd have preferred one set with the proper white backing and a choice of a few more aircraft, but perhaps the problems with registration would have been too great.

Review sheet courtesy of my pal, Don Logan. Thanks, Don!

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