Caracal Models CD 48072: USAF T-38C

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Scott Van Aken

Despite the first T-38s entering into service in the late 1950s, the type is robust and has been modified several time. The latest iteration of the Talon is the T-38C. This is basically a new 'glass' cockpit along with new Martin Baker 16.T ejection seats. The seats are a relatively new addition with the first sets being installed in 2009. By 2014, the fleet had been fully modified. So far, no kit has these seats, though one may well be on the way.

These aircraft come in two camouflage schemes One is is the 'Shamu' scheme on the original planes. This consists of FS 16081 engine grey and 16473 ADC grey. The other is called the 'IFF' scheme and is 16270 neutral grey and 16118 gunship grey. Note that all colors are gloss.

There are several kits out there of the T-38. First was Sword with a short run kit. More recently Trumpeter has done a very nice one, but it is a bit overscale. The other is by Wolfpack and they have done a bunch of different boxings. Most will probably use this one. All of these kits are T-38A versions.

Aircraft on this sheet are:

T-38C 68-8118, 87th FTS "Red Bulls", Laughlin AFB, 2010

T-38C 65-10422, 434th FTS "Red Devils", Laughlin AFB, 2010

T-38C 70-1578, 88th FTS "Lucky Devils", Sheppard AFB, 2014

T-38C 64-13295, 469th FTS "Fighting Bulls", Sheppard AFB, 2012

T-38C 69-7079, 49th FTS "Black Knights", Moody AFB, 2006

T-38C 70-1584, 435th FTS "Black Eagles", Randolph AFB, 2015

T-38C 66-8398, 3rd FTS "Warbirds", Vance AFB, 2008

T-38C 69-7083, 560th FTS "Chargin' Cheetahs", Randolph AFB, 2013

T-38C 70-1582, 49th FTS "Black Knights", Columbus AFB, 2007

T-38C 70-1551, 49th FTS "Black Knights", Columbus AFB, 2011

T-38C 70-1576, 50th FTS "Strikin' Snakes", Columbus AFB, 2009

T-38C 70-1952, 50th FTS "Strikin' Snakes", Columbus AFB, 2009

T-38C 63-8162, 445th FLTS, Edwards AFB, 2014

The instruction booklet will clearly list whether the aircraft has the newer seats or not as well as which camo scheme it carries. Since most of the markings are concentrated on the fin in terms of serial, codes and fin bands, the sheet can provide markings for so many planes. There are insignia and data markings enough to do two planes, one of each camo scheme. The decals are superbly printed by Cartograf and whichever options you choose, you'll have a great model.

June 2015

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