Caracal Models CD 48012: C-2 Greyhound

Caracal Models CD 144008: C-5A Galaxy

Caracal Models CD 144006: C-5B/M Galaxy

Draw Decal 1/72 C-5A/B Galaxy

Caracal Models CD 144019: C-9 Nightingale/Skytrain II

Caracal Models CD 144016: KC-10A Extender

Fundekals 1/144 C-17 Globemaster III

Caracal Models CD 48096: C-21

Superscale 720908: Beech UC-45s

Superscale 720909: Beech UC-45s

Caracal Models CD 48076: C-45 Expeditor pt 1

Caracal Models CD 48079: C-45 Expeditor pt 2

Iliad Designs 48033: Beechcraft C-45s

Iliad Design 72016: Berlin Airlift C-47s

Iliad Designs 72018: Air National Guard C-47s

Iliad Design 72020: Unusual C-47s

Caracal Models CD 48083: AC-47 'Spooky'

Leading Edge Decals 48.89: CAF C-47 (late)

FCM Decals # 72028: C-47 Skytrain

Superscale 72-249 on the C-47

Tally Ho 72-015 for the C-47/Datoka

Eagle Strike 48-237: Skytrains at War Part 3

Eagle Strike 48-238: Skytrains at war part 4

PT Decal PT4801: C-47A 'The Voice'

Superscale's 48-235 for the Golden Knights C-47B

Superscale 48-759 for the C-47 Skytrain

Superscale 48-811 for the C-47A 'Gooney Bird'.

Caracal Models CD 72035: C-54 Skymaster Part 1

Caracal Models CD 72045: C-54 Skymaster Pt. 2

Caracal Models CD 72050: Thunderbirds C-54

Superscale 481231: Bamboo Bombers 1 (UC-78)

Superscale 481232: Bamboo Bombers 2 (UC-78)

Airway Graphics AGM7-002 for 1/72 C/HC/KC-97

Caracal Models CD 144013: KC-97 Stratofreighter

Superscale 72-474: C-118B Loadmaster

AOA Decals 14401: Gunships - Raining Fire

AOA Decals 72-006: Gunships - Raining Fire (1)

Leading Edge 72-004 for the C-119G

Caracal Models CD 144010: EC-121 Warning Star

Caracal Models CD 72021: EC-121 Warning Star pt 1

Caracal Models CD 72022: EC-121 Warning Star pt 2

 Superscale 72-422: US Navy C-121s

Superscale 72-423 on the EC-121 Constellation

Caracal Models CD 14402: C-131 Samaritan

Caracal Models CD 72027: C-123B Provider

Caracal Models CD 144014: C-124 Globemaster II

Bestfong 200001: 1/200 Taiwan C-130

Caracal Models CD 144018: RAF C-130J Hercules

FCM 144035: C-130 Hercules Part 1

Isradecals #64: Middle East Hercules (1/144)

Caracal Models CD 72052: Blue Angels C-130

Caracal Models CD 72062: C-130H 'Guard Herks'

Caracal Models CD72117: USAF C-130s

FCM 72044: C-130 Hercules Part 1

Leading Edge 72.63 CAF C-130 Hercules

Leading Edge 72.70: 1/72 CC-130 E/H Hercules, Grey Scheme

Max Decals 7211 for Antarctic C-130s

Superscale 72-194 for the C-130 Hercules

Microscale/Superscale 72-195 for the C-130 Hercules.

Superscale 72-896; "Fat Albert" KC-130T Hercules

Caracal Models CD 48065: Blue Angels C-130

Caracal Models CD 48122: C-130H 'Guard Herks'

Draw Decals 48-C-130-3: C-130H Hercules

Leading Edge 48.63 CAF C-130 Hercules

Steven Ford Decals 1/48 C-130T 'Fat Albert'

Vince Maddux Decals 48-002: 135 WG C-130J

Vince Maddux Decals for the C-130H

Caracal Models CD 144021: C-133 Cargomaster

Caracal Models CD 144001: KC-135R Stratotanker

Caracal Models CD 144004: C-135 General Purpose Markings

Caracal Models CD 72030: KC-135R Stratotanker

Caracal Models CD 72066: KC-135R Stratotanker pt 2

 Expert's Choice 72-21 for 117 ARS KC-135E's

Model Alliance 729012: 141 ARS KC-135E

TGR 3G001 for KC-135A/Q Stratotankers

Caracal Models CD 144002: C-141 Starlifter

Arrow Graphics' sheet for a 440 Sq 1/72 CF-100 Mk4.

Leading Edge 72.74 for the Canadair CL-215

Leading Edge 72.77 for a Province of Newfoundland CL.215

Leading Edge's 72.78: Province of Ontario CL-415

Leading Edge 72.079: Italian CL-415 Fire Bombers

Mike Grant Decals for the CT-155 Hawk.

Aeromaster 48-208: Fighting Camels

HSB 72001: Canberra B.6 - French Air Force

Caracal Models CD 48124: Chengdu F-7