Iliad Design 72020: Unusual C-47s

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Scott Van Aken

Thanks to Iliad Design we now have another nice sheet of C-47s to whet our appetite. The C-47/DC-3 has been well served in 1/72 with both ESCI and Italeri providing very good kits of these versions over the years. Both have engraved exterior panel lines and a fairly nice cockpit/cabin area so that if you modeled the door open, there would be something to see. In recent years, Airfix replaced its ancient raised panel line kit from the 60s with a new tooling and for many, this is now the one to have. I've not built it so cannot comment on it, but had no real complaints with the previously mentioned kits.

The first option is a Canadian C-47 on duty with the United Nations in the Sinai during 1960. Like most UN planes, it is overall white with large United Nations logos.

Next is a USAF C-47B that was loaned to CARCO to carry high priority cargo for the USAF and that included nuclear devices to Los Alamos as the airstrip there was inadequate for standard USAF transports.

Third is actually a C-53. This was a commandeered airliner from Northeast Airlines. For this aircraft you either need a DC-3 kit (which I believe ESCI offered) or some work to an existing C-47 kit to remove the cargo doors and install a passenger door and additional window. The instructions show what is needed.

Finally A C-47 of the then new USAF used by the Military Air Attache in New Zealand during 1947

So there you have it. Another very nice sheet with neat options that I'm sure you will like.

April 2021

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