Caracal Models CD 144010: EC-121 Warning Star

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Scott Van Aken

The first successful long range early warning aircraft in the USAF was based on the C-121 Constellation. It carried the same APS-20 radar used by the P-2 and by the TBM-3W, but with a much larger radar dish for better range and resolution. These operated into the 1970s before being replaced by more capable aircraft.

Caracal's latest sheet provides seven listed options with both USAF and USN planes covered. This what is included: 

EC-121T 55-0122, USAF 79th AEW & C Sqn, 1978

EC-121P BuNo 141326 "Velox". US Navy VW-11, 1962

WC-121N BuNo 145934 "Draggin' Lady". US Navy VW-1, 1967

EC-121R 67-21498, USAF 553rd Recon Wing, 1970

EC-121D 53-0536, USAF 551st AEW, 1968

WV-2 BuNo 141325, US Navy VW-13, 1962

WV-2 BuNo 131388 "Planner One", US Navy NADU, 1961

The markings are printed by Cartograf so are a known high quality. You are provided sufficient markings for two aircraft with decals for cockpit windows. There are enough wing walk markings for one. The Minicraft kit is the one you want for this. As a note, though not included in the profiles or listing, there are markings for a white over light gull grey EC-121M from VQ-1 included on the sheet. This is the PR/l21 that you see halfway down on the left. The EC-121M did not have the upper radome nor tip tanks.

July 2018

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