Superscale 48-759 for C-47B Skytrains

Units: 81 TCS/436 TCG & 4 ASAC




Scott Van Aken

Here is something that one doesn't see very often and that is a decal sheet for the C-47. To my knowledge, this is the first new C-47 sheet in well over a decade and it is good to see it. For those of you who have not yet built your Monogram 1/48 C-47, I can tell you that it takes up a goodly amount of space on your display shelf. Monogram reissued this kit a few years ago in the Monogram Classics line, complete with paratroops and everything.

Both aircraft on this sheet are in the OD over Neutral Grey scheme and will undoubtedly take a whole jar of paint for the upper surface! There are full markings for one aircraft and decals for the fin de-icer boot.

The first is 'Buzz Buggy' from the 81st TCS in the UK, circa 1945. This aircraft has full invasion stripes which will need to be painted. It also has de-icer boots on the leading edges of the wing that will also need to be painted on.

The other aircraft is 'Still Putting Out' from the 4th ASAC with very fetching nose art. Unlike the previous scheme there are no invasion stripes. However, it does have several natural metal engine cowling bits. I recommend some research of the references before doing this one.

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