Caracal Models CD 48124:  Chengdu F-7

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Scott Van Aken

This next sheet is for a fairly recent kit. The Chinese reverse engineered the MiG-21F to meet their own needs for an interceptor. The aircraft has been steadily updated with improved engines and avionics over the years and with the development of the F-7G, the aircraft got a new cranked wing.

This Caracal sheet provides markings for seven of those cranked wing F-7Gs. Export customers have been somewhat minimal, and four of those are provided as listed below.

Chengdu F-7BG "943" 5 Sqn "Defenders", Bangladeshi Air Force

Chengdu F-7BGI "155" 35 Sqn "Thundercats", Bangladeshi Air ForceChengdu F-7NI NAF806, Nigerian Air Force

Chengdu F-7PG 01-803 No.17 Sqn "Tigers", Pakistani Air Force

Chengdu F-7PG 01-807 No.20 Sqn "Cheetahs", Pakistani Air Force

Chengdu F-7PG 02-848 No.20 Sqn "Cheetahs", Pakistani Air Force

Chengdu F-7GS SFI5018, Sri Lankan Air Force.

As usual with modern jets, greys predominate. A few notes are in order. The lone 1/48 kit of this aircraft is by Trumpeter. It, however, provides the variant that only has one cannon. Several of these options are for a two cannon armed aircraft. Caracal suggests that kit 2860, which is for a J-7B, may provide the parts that are needed to do the two gun planes. Since this is a fairly esoteric subject, you could probably get away with not doing the mod and few would be the wiser. The instructions provide upper views of many of these planes as well as information on each option. Definitely a sheet to have if building this plane.

 October 2018

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