HSB 72001: Canberra B.6 - French Air Force

PRICE: 32.23 Koruna
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken

This particular sheet is one designed by Srecko Bradic and in line with others in this series is a fairly Spartan sheet as these things go. Basically, you get two insignia, tail flashes, serial and aircraft numbers. Apparently no wing roundels were carried.

This aircraft was operated by the CEV, a French test unit and as such was not used operationally, but to carry instrumentation and perform other tasks. The aircraft itself is unpainted metal with a white upper fuselage. The wing tips, lower nose, tail band and areas of the horizontal stab were painted in daglo red.

Not a ton of 1/72 Canberras around but there are kits from Airfix, S&M Models and from High Planes. The latter two are short run, but probably easier to find than the fairly ancient Airfix offering. One would hope that Airfix would do a new tool so stay tuned.

 The decals are quite nicely printed and you get full color markings placement along with them. Note that these are similar to ALPS printed so each marking must be cut from the backing sheet.

June 2019

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