FCM 48066: C-47 Skytrain

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One of several US aircraft that found a lot of use post WWII was the C-47 Skytrain. Built by the thousands during the war, the end reduced the need. Therefore, they were made available to just about any friendlly air arm that wanted them. One of those nations that took advantage of this excess was Brazil, who operated a goodly number of them over the years, many still being in service into the 1980s.

The majority of these planes were painted white on the upper surfaces and fin with the remainder of the airframe in aluminum. There was a dark blue cheatline that ran through the windows and the inside of the engine nacelles was black. The rudder was in the green and yellow of the nation's colors. If the illustrations are accurate, all had the extended carb intake and had dual ADF antennas on the roof.

This sheet provides six options, one for each of the units that flew the type. The differ only in serial number and some other minor markings such as unit badges. The model of choice is either the Monogram kit that has also been released by Revell or the much more expensive Trumpeter kit. Either one of these will work well as the cheat line and rudder will need to be painted. The cheat line has white striping on the underside and that is provided on the sheet.

The overall result will be a very nice model. I built the 1/72 version and was quite pleased with the results as you can see from the image below.


As with other new sheets, this one is superbly printed by Serigraf and should be quite thin.

March 2024

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