Jasmine Models 144001: Blue AngelsF-18A Hornet

Jasmine Models 144004: VFA-32 F-18F Super Hornets

Leading Edge's 144-3 for CF-18 Hornet.

Starfighter Decals 144-115: F-18E VFA-14 Tophatters

Starfighter Decals 144-117: F-18F part 1 (VFA-11/41).

Starfighter Decals SFD144-204: Legacy Hornets in Color

Authentic Decals 72-37: F-18E Super Hornet VFA-81 Sunliners

Authentic Decals 72-38, VFA-211 F-18F Super Hornet

Caracal Models CD 72102: F-18 - The Early Years

DXM Decals DXMD72005: F-18E VFA-137 CAG 2011"

DXM Decals DXMD72006: F-18E VFA-195 "Chippy Ho 2011" 

Hobby Decals 72004 for a VFA-103 F-18F Hornet

HobbyDecal AL72009: VF-41 F-18F Super Hornet

HobbyDecal AL72010: VF-14 F-18E Super Hornet

Jasmine Decal 72003: VFA-103 F-18F Super Hornet

Jasmine Model 72004: VFA-213 F-18F Hornet

Jasmine Decals 172005:a Blue Angels F-18A Hornet

Leading Edge 72.029 433 Squadron CF-18A Hornet

Leading Edge 72037 for 1992 Tiger Meet CF-18A

Leading Edge 72.39: AETE CF-18B

Leading Edge 72.43: F-18A Hornet - 60 Years of 416 Sq

Leading Edge 72-044: CF-18 Hornet

Leading Edge 72-045 for a 60th Anniversary CF-18 Hornet

 Leading Edge #48, a 433 Sq CF-18

Leading Edge 72.55 :RAAF 20th Anniversary F-18 Hornet

Leading Edge 72.56: 425 Sq CF-18A, 2006 Display aircraft

Leading Edge 72.58; CF-18 Hornet, 410 Sq 2007 Demo aircraft

Leading Edge's 7259: CF-18 50 years of D-Day.

Leading Edge 7260: CF-18 409 Sq "Nightmare 01"

Leading Edge 72.61: CAF CF-18 NORAD 50th 2008 Demo

Leading Edge Decals 72-69: CF-18A "100 Years of Flight"

Leading Edge Decals 72087 CF-18 Combat Hornets.

Leading Edge Decals 72.90: CAF "Fighter Group" Hornet

Leading Edge 72-95: 60 years of NORAD CF-18A

MAW Decals 72-MAW001: F-18D Hornets

MAW's 72-MAW002: Leatherneck Charlies

MAW Decals 72-MAW-003: Alphabet Soup

Model Alliance 729011: Swiss F-18C - Tiger Meet 2004

Model Alliance MAS729015: RAAF F-18 Hornet Special

Repliscale 72-1038: F-18D Hornet

Repliscale RS 721039 for the F-18 Hornet

Repliscale 72-1040: F-18A Hornet

Superscale 72-413 for USMC F-18

Microscale 72-457 for F-18A Hornets

Superscale 72-494: F-18A Hornet

Superscale 72-540 for Libyan Raider F-18As

Superscale 72-550 on the F-18 Hornet

Superscale 72-564: F-18A Hornets

Superscale 72-565 is for early F-18A Hornets

Superscale  72-592 for the F-18 Hornet 

Superscale's 72-602 for CAG F-18A Hornets

Superscale 72-606 for F-18A/C Hornet

Superscale 72-633 for the F-18A/C Hornet

Superscale 72-652 for F-18C Hornets

Superscale 72-677 for the F-18C Hornet

Superscale 72--702 for F-18 Hornets

Superscale 72-816 for the F-18C Hornet

Superscale 72-817 for the F-18A Hornet

Superscale 72-844: F-18A Hornet

Superscale 72-881: F-18F Super Hornet

Superscale 72-882: F-18E/F Super Hornet

Superscale 72-883: F-18F Super Hornet

Superscale 72-888: F-18A/C Hornet

Superscale 72-889: Blue Angles F-18 Hornets

Superscale 72-898: F-18C/D Hornet

Superscale 72-904: F-18C/D Hornets

Superscale 72-905: F-18E/F Hornet

TwoBobs 72-037: VFA-37 F-18E Super Hornet

Aeromaster 48-394 for F-18 Hornets.

Aeromaster 48-396 for F-18 Hornets.

Aeromaster 48-397: Stinging Hornets

Aeromaster 48-562: USS Constellation pt II

Aeromaster 48-607 for the F-18C Hornet.

Aeromaster 48-618 for F-14D/F-18E

Aeromaster 48-760: New Bugs part 1

Aeromaster 48-761: New Bugs part 2

Afterburner Decals 48-011; VFA-41 F-18F Hornets

Afterburner Decals 48-013: VFA-211 F-18F Hornets

Authentic Decals 48-23: USMC F-18 Hornets

Caracal Models CD 48158: F-18 - The Early Years

Cutting Edge 48-249 for the F-18C Hornet

Cutting Edge 48-251: F-18C Hornets

Cutting Edge 48-252 for the F-18C/D Hornet

DXM Decals DXMD48008: F-18E VFA-137 CAG 2011"

DXM Decals DXMD48009: F-18E VFA-195 "Chippy Ho 2011"

DXM Decals DXM 71-4228: 1/48 F-18F Super Hornet VFA-102 Diamondbacks Anniversary

Eagle Strike 48-002 for F-18C Hornets

Eagle Strike 48-127 for the F-18C Hornet

Eagle Strike 48-128 on the F-18C Hornet

Fightertown 48-005: VFA-103 F-18F

Fightertown Decals 48-032: VFA-11 Red Rippers

Flying Leatherneck 48-004; VMFA-121 Hornets (2007)

Furball Aero-Design 48-023: Air Wing All Stars (Super Hornets Part 1)

Furball Aero-Design 48-024: Air Wing All Stars (Super Hornets Part 2)

Furball Aero-Design 48-040: 2014 NAS Oceana Air Show Review (F-18A/E/F)

Furball Decals FD 48048: Growler Anthology

Furball Decals FD 48049: Air Wing All Stars - Super Hornet part 3

Furball Decals FD48-054: Growler Anthology Pt.2

Furball Decals FD48-067: Victory Super Hornets

Furball Decals FD 48-070: Legacy Bug Bandits

Furball AeroDesign 48-075: F-18E/F/G cockpit decal set

Hobby Decals 48004 for a VFA-103 F-18F Hornet

Hobby Decal ST48028: F-18E/F Stencils

HobbyDecal AL48009: VF-41 F-18F Super Hornet

 HobbyDecal AL48010: VF-14 F-18E Super Hornet

Jasmine Models 148003: F-18A Blue Angels Hornet

Jasmine Decals 148004: VFA-32 F-18F Super Hornet

Leading Edge 48-24, for the CF-18 Hornet

Leading Edge 48-029 for a 433Sq CF-18A

Leading Edge 48-036 for the CF-18A Hornet (410 Sq 1993 Special Scheme).

Leading Edge 48037 for 1992 Tiger Meet CF-18A

Leading Edge 48.39: AETE CF-18B

Leading Edge 48.43: F-18A Hornet - 60 Years of 416 Sq

Leading Edge 48-44 for the CF-18 Hornet (410 Sq 20 years of the CF-18)

Leading Edge 48/72-046 for USN Test Pilots School F-18B Hornets

Leading Edge 48.51: 80th Anniversary of the RCAF/CAF CF-18 Hornet

Leading Edge 48.55: 20th Anniversary RAAF F-18

Leading Edge 48.56: 425 Sq 2006 Display CF-18A Hornet

Leading Edge 48.58; CF-18 Hornet, 410 Sq 2007 Demo aircraft

Leading Edge's 4859: CF-18 50 years of D-Day.

Leading Edge 4860: CF-18 409 Sq "Nightmare 01"

Leading Edge 48.61: CAF CF-18 NORAD 50th 2008 Demo

Leading Edge's 4862: CF-18 Standard Markings.

Leading Edge Decals 48-69: CF-18A "100 Years of Flight"

Leading Edge Decals 48087 CF-18 Combat Hornets

Leading Edge Decals 48.90: CAF "Fighter Group" Hornet

Leading Edge 48-95: 60 years of NORAD CF-18A

MAW 48-001: F-18D Hornets

MAW's 48maw002: Storm in the Desert

48MAW003: VMFA-122 'Crusaders'

MAW's 48-MAW004: Nighthawks history

MAW Decals 48-MAW007: Moonlighters

MAW 48MAW-012: F-18A-D Stencil Sheet

MAW Decals 48-MAW013: MAW Hornets Part 2

MAW Decals 48-MAW014: MAW Hornets Part 3

Orion Decal's 48000 for a VMFA(AW)-225 F-18D

Orion Decals 48-016 for Kuwaiti Air Force F-18C/D Hornets

Repliscale  5016 for F-18 Hornets

 Repliscale 48-5039 for USMC F-18 Hornets

SB 48-001: VFA-11 and VFA-32 F-18F Super Hornets

 SB 48-002; VFA-136 and VFA-11 F-18E/F Super Hornets

Superscale 48-440: F-18C Hornets

Superscale 48-473 for F-18C Hornets

Superscale 48-698 for F-18A/C Hornets

Superscale 48-713 for F-18C Hornets

Superscale 48-714 for CAG VFA-113 F-18 Hornet

Superscale 48-750 for the F-18C Hornet

Superscale 48-751 for the F-18C Hornet

Superscale 48-764 for the F-18 Hornet

Superscale 48-835 for the F-18 Hornet

Superscale 48-892 for F-18C Hornets

Superscale 48-894 on the F-18C Hornet

Superscale 48-924 for a VFA-201 F-18A Hornet

Superscale 48-925 for VMFA-112 and VMFA-242 F-18A/D Hornet

Superscale 48-932 is F-18 walkways and data markings

Superscale 48-982: VX-30 and VMFA-142  F-18A Hornet

Superscale 48-983 for a VFA-151 F-18C Hornet

Superscale 48-1000: Blue Angel F-18s

Superscale 48-1015: VFA-143 and VX-9 F-18E Hornet

Superscale 48-1037: VMFA-115 F-18A+ Hornet

Superscale 48-1038: VFA-83 F-18C Hornet

Superscale 48-1045: VFA-2 and VFA-41 F-18F Super Hornet

Superscale 48-1046: VFA-27 and VFA-11 F-18E/F Super Hornet

Superscale 48-1047: VFA-143 and VFA-11 F-18E/F Super Hornet

Superscale 48-1052: VFA-97 and VFA-106 F-18C Hornets

Superscale 48-1053: VFA-106 and VFA-122 F-18F Super Hornets

Superscale 48-1060: VFA-86 and VMFA-134 F-18C Hornets

Superscale 48-1062: VFA-14 and VFA-41 F-18E/F Super Hornet

Superscale 48-1069: VMFA-121 and VMFA-225 F-18D Hornets

Superscale 48-1070: Blue Angels F-18B Hornet

Superscale 48-1087: VFA-106 and VFA-113 F-18C/D Hornet

Superscale 48-1088: VFA-32 and VFA-115F-18E/F Super Hornet

Superscale 48-1093: VMFA-212 and VMFA-321 F-18B/C Hornet

Superscale 48-1094: VFA-37 and VFA-125 F-18B/C Hornet

Superscale 48-1100: VFA-105 and VFA-15 F-18E/C Hornets

Superscale 48-1101; VFA-213 F-18F Super Hornet

Superscale 48-1108: VFA-22 and VFA-105  F-18E Super Hornet

Superscale 48-1116: VFA-146 and VFA-147 F-18C Hornet CAGs

Superscale 48-1133: VFA-34 and VMFA-332 F-18C/D Hornet

Superscale 48-1140: VFA-195 F-18C Hornet

Superscale 48-1141: VFA-105 and VMFAT-101 F-18C Hornets

Superscale 48-1148: VFA-102 F-18F Super Hornet

Superscale 48-1149: VFA-103 F-18F Super Hornets

Superscale 48-1150: VFA-154 F-18F Super Hornets

Superscale 48-1157: VF-82 and VFA-87 F-18C Hornet

Superscale 48-1159: VFA-137 and VFA-103 F-18E/F Super Hornet

Superscale 48-1164: VFA-136 & VFA-154 F-18E/F Super Hornets

Superscale 48-1165: VX-9 F-18E Super Hornet

Superscale 48-1173: NFWS & VMFA-225 F-18B/D Hornet

Superscale 48-1180: VFA-87 and VFA-97 F-18C Hornets

Superscale 48-1181: VFA-31 and VFA-211 F-18E/F Super Hornets

Superscale 48-1189: VFA-192 F-18C Hornet

Superscale 48-1190: VFA-25 & VFA-27 F-18A/C Hornets

Superscale 48-1196: VFA-131/192 F-18C Hornets

Superscale 48-1197: VFA-83 & VX -30 F-18C Hornets

Superscale 48-1204: VFC-12 & VMFA-533 F-18A/D Hornets

Superscale 48-1206; XV-30/Strike Test F-18E/F Super Hornet

Superscale 481225: VFA-37/97 F-18C Hornets

Superscale 481226: VFA-81/143 F-18E Hornets

TwoBobs 48028 for VFA-87 F-18C Hornets

TwoBobs 48029 for VFA-22 F-18C Hornets

TwoBobs 48030 for VFA-97 F-18A Hornets: Pt 1

TwoBobs 48034 for VFA-97 F-18A Hornets: Pt 2

TwoBobs 48-040 for VFA-14 F-18E Super Hornets

2Bobs 48-105: VFA-102 F-18F Hornet

Yellowhammer 48033:Superbug CAG & Skippers part 1

Yellowhammer 48034: Superbug CAGs and Skippers pt 2

CAM 32-096: Blue Angels F-18A/B Hornet

Cutting Edge 32-035 for a VF-131 F-18C Hornet

Cutting Edge 32-036 for a VFA-34 F-18C Hornet

DXM Decals DXMD32001: F-18E VFA-137 CAG 2011"

DXM Decals DXMD32002: F-18E VFA-195 "Chippy Ho 2011"

Eagle Strike 32-049: Freedom Hornets pt I

Eagle Strike 32-050 for the F-18C Hornet

Eagle Strike 32-051 for the F-18C Hornet

FCM 32022: VAQ-132 Scorpions

 Furball Decals FD 32-004: Legacy Bug Bandits

 Leading Edge 32-06 for the CF-18 Hornet

Leading Edge 32-09 for the 20th Anniversary CF-18

Leading Edge Decals 32.17 CF-18 50 Years of D-Day

Leading Edge 32-19: CAF CF-18 NORAD 50th 2008 Demo

Leading Edge 32.20: CF-18 410 Sq 2007 Demo aircraft

Leading Edge 32.37 for a Tiger Meet CF-18

Leading Edge 3260: CF-18 409 Sq "Nightmare 01"

Leading Edge 32-95: 60 years of NORAD CF-18A

32MAW001: Double D for F-18D Hornets

MAW Decals 32-MAW002: F-18C Hornet VMFA-122 "Crusaders"

MAW's 32003 1/32 VMFA-121 'Green Knight'

MAW Decals 32-MAW004: VMFA-121/332 F-18D Hornet

MAW Decals 32-MAW005: Sierra Hotel Alphas

Superscale 32-059: F-18A Hornet

Superscale 32-070: Blue Angels F-18A Hornet

Superscale 32-072 for the F-18A Hornet

Superscale 32-078: F-18A Hornets

Superscale 32-083: F-18A Hornet

Superscale 32-090: F-18A/C Hornet

Superscale 32-091: F-18A Hornet.

Superscale 32-094: VFA-132 F-18A Hornet

Superscale 32-114 for the F-18A Hornet

Superscale 32-115: F-18A/C Hornet

Superscale 32-210 for a VX-9 F-18C Hornet

Superscale 32-222: VMFA-242 F-18D Hornet

Superscale 32-226: VFA-83 F-18C Hornet

Superscale 32-227: VMFA-232 F-18C Hornet

Superscale 32-228: VFA-97 F-18C Hornet

Superscale 32-230: VFA-151 F-18C Hornet

Superscale 32-235: VMFA-115 F-18+ Hornet

Superscale 32-238: VMFA-134 F-18A+ Hornet

Superscale 32-241: VFA-113 F-18C Hornet

Twobobs 32-004 for aggressor F-18 Hornets

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