DXM Decals DXM 71-4228: F-18E/F Super Hornet VFA-102 Diamondbacks Anniversary





Review By:

Scott Van Aken


For appropriate 1/48 F-18E/F

This is a very nicely done sheet for your favorite 1/48 F-18F Super Hornet. There are a few kits out for this plane and most will probably head for the Hasegawa variant. You have a choice on this sheet of two anniversary schemes. One is the 50th Anniversary scheme from 2005. This is the aircraft with the all red tail and the red spine/canopy surround.

One thing the builder may wish to keep in mind that on the 50th Anniversay plane, the red areas will, for the most part, have to be painted. The newer option has decals for all of these areas.

The sheet comes with full color instructions and the decals themselves are superbly printed by Cartograf.   There are sufficient stencils and insignia for one aircraft.

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