Furball AeroDesign 48-075: F-18E/F/G cockpit decal set




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Scott Van Aken


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It is not unusual in modern 1/48 kits for the company to include instrument panel decals. They are easier than painting all the detail on the panel and frequently are a perfect fit. However, they are also often not exactly accurate or they are lacking in some of the small detail one sees when looking at the real deal.

Furball AeroDesign has provided a welcome option to the kit decals. These are individual instrument/panel/display decals and are designed for the Hasegawa Super Bugs. These have the benefit of the background color of the panel being the same as the interior you have painted. In addition to instrument and console decals, the sheet includes seat harness decals and decals for the seat itself.

A full placement guide is provided on the back of the included card. One thing for sure is that it will enhance the look of your plane's cockpit. There are sufficient markings for two aircraft.

March 2021

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