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Superscale 72-413 for USMC A-6E/F-18A 




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Back in the mid 1980's the USN and USMC were just getting the F-18 into fleet service. This was one of the first aircraft that the USMC got when it was brand new. Up until that time it was common practice to let the Navy get first crack at a new aircraft. But with the Hornet, the Marines had a new aircraft at the same time as their Navy companions.

This time period was also when Marine A-6 squadrons were at their peak. During this transitional time between camouflage schemes, it was not uncommon to see a mixture of schemes on the ramp of the same unit. One must also realize that when a unit went to low viz schemes, it was up to the unit commander to implement it. Some went whole hog and got rid of any color at all while others fudged a bit and just toned things down a bit. There are examples of that on this sheet.

First of all, the F-18s. These are in the original three color scheme of FS 35237, 36375, and 36495. The first is from VMFA-323, the Death Rattlers from MCAS El Toro.

The other F-18A is  from VMFA-314 the Black Knights of Independence Day fame, also based at El Toro. Both aircraft are from the second production batch.

The A-6s are the mixed bag. The first aircraft is from VMA-121, the Green Knights, also El Toro based. This one is in full Tactical Paint Scheme camouflage of FS 36320, 36375 and 36495. Though it looks as if the tail is white, it isn't.

Finally one in transitional markings. This is an aircraft from VMA-332. The paint scheme and most common markings, including insignia are in the old high visibility colors, while the unit markings, serials and 'Marines'  are somewhat toned down being  in white.

There are enough common markings and insignia to do all the aircraft on the sheet. There is also a guide for data markings for both aircraft.

Review sheet courtesy of me and my wallet.

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