Starfighter Decals 72-155: L-4 Grasshoppers

Blue Rider BR 806: Slovak White Albatros Display Team - L.39 (1993)

Kopro 73159: L-39ZO - Hungarian Sharks.

ArmyCast decals 48011: L-39C Albatros

Caracal Models CD 48157: L-39 Albatros

Aeromaster 48-152: Fighting Lavochkins Part 3

Aeromaster 72-063 for the La-5/7

APC Decals 72124: Lavochkin La-7 II

AML AMLD 48-015: Lavochkin La-5F

Aeromaster 72-223: Lancaster pt 1

Aeromaster 72-224: Lancaster pt 2

ESCI #15; Avro Lancaster

Montex 1/72 Lancaster

Albatros Modelworks 48-003 for Avro Lancasters

Leading Edge Decals 48.012: SAR Lancaster

Techmod 48-801 for the Avro Lancaster

Mike Grant Decals 1/144 BAC Lightning

Model Alliance MA-72170: EE Lightning Part 2

Model Alliance MA-72171: EE Lightning Part 3

Aeromaster 48-369 for the early EE Lightning

Aeromaster 48-370 for the E.E. Lightning

BarracudaCals S48001: Lightning Stencils - Black

Cutting Edge 48-077: EE Lightnings part 3

Xtradecal X32009 56 Sq EE Lightning F1

Xtradecal X32010 EE Lightning F.3

 Xtradecal X32011 EE Lightning F.3

Xtradecal X32012 EE Lightning F.3

Xtradecal X32013: EE Lightning Serials and Codes

Xtradecal X32019: EE Lightning Stencils

FCM 72048: Lynx/Super Lynx

FCM 48050: Lynx/Super Lynx

Aeromaster 48-257: Lysander Collection part 1

Aeromaster 48-258: Lysander Collection part 2

Max Decals 4803; Exotic Lysanders. 

Max Decals 3201 for the 1/32 Westland Lysander

Max Decals 3202, Exotic Lysanders part 2



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