Kopro 73159: L-39ZO - Hungarian Sharks

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95 Karuna (about $4.50) from www.hobbyshop.cz


Scott Van Aken

This sheet from Kopro is for the L-39 'Albatros'. This has to be the Czech Republic's most successful jet as they are and were used by a huge number of nations. Even after they were retired, they have become very popular with the war bird crowd. They were made in a rather large number of variants to meet specific requirements and that includes light attack.

This sheet contains two special schemes, both of them L-39ZO aircraft built for the Hungarian Air Force.

The first is aircraft #119 when at CIAF Brno in 2008. This is the first of the Hungarian Sharks and is basically in an overall grey with blue and white bits on the nose and fin along with the art work that shows the shark 'peeling away' the outer skin of the aircraft.

The other is #135 at the Kecskemet air show in 2007. This one is camouflaged in green and brown with light blue undersides. Again, the forward section is that 'peeling away' motif with the fin in a red, white, and green flag design.

The decals themselves are superbly printed and probably quite thin. There are data markings and insignia for one aircraft. It is a shame they could not included four more insignia as that would have allowed two planes to be done from the sheet.

There is no recommended kit, but there are at least a couple out there in 1/72 from Kopro and Eduard. A comprehensive painting chart is provided with references in Humbrol, Agama, and FS595. In all, it is a fine sheet and provides a great opportunity to replace kit decals with something a bit more colorful.

July 2012

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