Sheet : Xtradecal X32010 EE Lightning F.3
PRICE: 4.35
KIT: Trumpeter 1/32 Lightning
REVIEWER: Andrew Abshier
UNITS: 5 Sqn., RAF Binbrook


No. 5 Squadron reformed at RAF Binbrook with Lightning F6s in October 1965, having previously served as a Javelin squadron in Germany.  While the later Lightning F6s served as front-line aircraft, the squadron also acquired Lightning F3s for the target facilities and air display roles in 1972.  The F3s continued with 5 Squadron until 1987, marking the end of the F3 variant's career with the RAF.

 The maple leaf in the squadron badge commemorates 5 Squadron's close association with the Canadian Corps during 1917-18.  The large "5" encircling the maple leaf badge was added from 1970.

 Markings are provided for one Lightning F3 in the mid-1970s green and dark gray camoflage over natural metal undersides.  Post war roundels similar to the WWII Type B roundels and fin flashes are provided.  No stenciling is provided, the modeler being referred either to Trumpeter's stencil decal or Xtradecal 32019.  Designs are sharply printed and in perfect register.

A nice decal sheet with plenty of potential for adaptation to other Lightning variants, and, with some help from other Xtradecals or the spares box, even other color schemes for 5 Squadron.

 Review sample provided by Hannant's.


 Lake, Jon: "English Electric Lightning"; Wings of Fame Volume 7, 1997

 Aviation Picture Hangar website:

  October 2009

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