ESCI #15, Avro Lancaster

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Scott Van Aken

Another old ESCI sheet. For many of us, this was our first introduction to aftermarket and though our American readers probably cut their aftermarket decal teeth on old Microscale sheets, if we wanted non-US subjects, ESCI was often our only choice.

This one is for the Lancaster and provides four options. Most Lancasters were in Dark Earth/Dark Green with Black (of some sort) undersides and a high demarcation line. Most of these are like that.

First is a 9 Squadron aircraft. Note the red codes outlined in yellow.

Next is a 12 Squadron plane. On this one, no yellow code outline and like the first one, the 'black' looks decidedly dark grey.

Third is a 617 Squadron plane in what looks like fighter colors. I'd have to question this particular scheme as it wasn't the norm for the aircraft.

Finally a 463 Squadron RAAF plane in the standard scheme.

Typical of ESCI sheets, you get some extra unit badges and nose art for use with other projects. There is a brief description of these in the instructions, but you'll need to come up with serials, codes and roundels for them.  These sheets are not difficult to find if you really want them, but in the vast majority of cases, they have been superseded by better ones.

August 2007

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