Cutting Edge 48-077: Lightnings pt 3




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Scott Van Aken



Due to the low number on this sheet, I'm thinking that perhaps this is a reprint, judging from the 1998 date on the addendum sheet, though I could be wrong as several decal companies do not publish their sheets in strict numerical order. This is for the very nice Airfix 1/48 EE Lightnings. Most of these are in natural metal though a pair (or three, depending on how you look at it) are in camouflage greys.

The aircraft are from three RAF squadrons and Saudi Arabia.

First up is a 111 Sq F.3 with the nice black fin and spine. The extra yellow markings behind the cockpit are provided as decals, which is very nice.

Next down is the first of three 74 Sq aircraft. There is an F.1A, F.3 and F.6 provided on the sheet . All have black fins. The white disc that is normally behind the tiger head was inadvertently left off the drawings, but is included in the sheet. Same goes for the red/white/blue fin flashes on all the black-tailed aircraft

11 Sq has three/four schemes provided. First is an F.3 in Dark Sea Grey over Medium Sea Grey with a natural metal fuel tank. Next is an F.6 in overall bare metal. Finally one with a black tail and spine in Medium Sea Grey over Barley Grey. This one has two fin options.

Finally, a Saudi F.53 in overall natural metal.

There are enough insignia to do one Saudi and one RAF aircraft. Other than the Saudi plane, all the stencils will have to come from the kit sheet. The wing walk areas for all aircraft will need the kit decals.

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