Aeromaster 48-258: Lysander Collection part 2

Units: various




Scott Van Aken

Another Lysander set, again for the Testors/Hawk/Italeri kit. Personally, I'd use the newer Gavia kit for this project, even if one needs to fudge a few markings, which in this case would be the French tail stripes or you could paint them on. This set has markings for four planes, all with schemes that are a bit different.

First is a Free French plane from 1940. This is in standard RAF camouflage for the time and carries RAF lower wing roundels and fin flashes. Under the wings are also the cross of Lorraine markings.

Second is a plane based in Southeast Asia in 1945 with 357 Squadron. It is dark green and ocean grey on the upper surfaces with black undersides. Since it is a special ops plane, it has a permanently attached ladder and carries an extra large fuel tank on the underside

In a nice desert scheme is another Free French plane, this time with French insignia and again, an additional cross of Lorraine on the underside. This plane was based at Lake Chad in 1942.

Finally a target tug with the black and yellow striped undersides and dark green/ocean grey upper surfaces. Looks like the target attachment point is just above the rear of the ventral fuel tank.

There are not a ton of Lysander sheets out there so you might want to consider looking for this one if you have one in mind.

April 2018

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