Starfighter Decals 72-155: L-4 Grasshoppers


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Scott Van Aken


Six options

This new sheet is for an aircraft infrequently covered by decal makers, the Piper L-4 Cub. All of the options are in the standard OD over neutral grey scheme with some having invasion stripes. The sheet includes these stripes for one aircraft. There are at least two kits that have been done in this scale. One is by Hobbycraft and the other is by KP/KoPro. The KP kit seems to be the most readily available of the two, even though it is by no means a new kit.

Starting at the top from left to right we have:

Unknown unit from the Summer of 1944.

An aircraft aboard LST-286 during Operation Husky in July 1943.

One aboard LST-525 with the 131st Parachute Field Artillery, 5th Army during Operation Anvil in August 1944.

Another from the same unit as before during that same operation.

An unknown unit aircraft.

Finally one with the Fifth Army HQ as used by Hap Arnold in December 1943 on his visit to Italy.

The sheet is very nicely printed and offers insignia for all six options Note that the red is pretty dark in the image as I had to darken the sheet to show the white bits. It is a nice sheet and the subjects will not take up much shelf space.

Starfighter decals often sell out quickly so you have been advised.

January 2018

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