Aeromaster 48-152: Fighting Lavochkins Part 3

Units: various




Scott Van Aken

This sheet covers the LaGG-3, an aircraft that looked the part, but was really a rather poor fighter. It wasn't until it was reengined and became the La-5 that it was able to hold its own against Luftwaffe fighters. When this sheet was produced, the only kit was the short run version by LTD, but now we have much better ones that are easier to build.

First of six options is a series 35 'lightened' version in service with the Baltic Fleet in mid 1944. It is in standard temperate scheme of topside green/earth brown over light blue.

Next is another series 35 plane of 3 Guards IAP in the temperate scheme overpainted with a wearing winter white from 1943.

In topside green/black over light blue is this LaGG-3 from an unknown unit that crashed in Finland during 1943. It was subsequently repaired and flown by the Finns.

In a pristine white winter scheme is this plane of Capt G.A. Grigoryev of 6 IAP in the winter of 42/43.

Another winter scheme is the plane of Sgt T.S. Zhuskov in the winter of 1943. This one is starting to have the winter scheme flake away.

Finally, in topside green/black over light blue is this plane of an unknown unit.

The sheet includes enough insignia for five of the six options.

May 2018

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