Iliad Designs 48041: Piper L-4 Grasshopper

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Scott Van Aken

Always a delight to see a new sheet from Iliad Decals. This time, it is for the recent Special Hobby 1/48 Piper L-4, which is apparently not only a nice kit, but easy to build. This offering has six options with some interesting markings.

The first is the only L-4 with an air to air kill as it shot down an Fi-156 Storch using hand guns.

Next is one in overall silver with bomber group markings of the 384th Bomb group.

The nice desert camo was applied to this L-4 that was used in the US at Camp Clipper in California during 1943.

The first of two French planes has the full free French markings applied while the second plane just has the fin flash applied on the fin. Note that the invasion stripes do not cover the upper surface.

The final option is a US Navy NE-2. This plane has no blue surround to the insignia on the fuselage and has a metal prop, unlike the others which have propellers of wood.

The decals themselves are superbly printed and in full register. The instruction sheet has complete upper and lower painting information.

December 2022

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