Leading Edge 48.012: RCAF SAR Lancaster



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Scott Van Aken

Note: 1/48 scale for the Tamiya kit

Now here is a subject that is both interesting and colorful. Designed for the only 1/48 Lancaster around, that by Tamiya, this sheet is for a SAR Lancaster of the RCAF, circa 1962. The two sheets are superbly printed and quite brilliant as well. The scanner does not do justice to the Day-Glo portions of the sheet; it is something you have to see in person. In addition to these bright markings, the sheets contain the fuselage flashes and lettering as well as wing walk stripes and the usual stencils. The Day-Glo on the wings and the horizontal stabs will need to be painted on, but not to worry. There are several good brands of paint that offer this shade. Just be sure to undercoat these areas with white prior to painting them on.

But wait, there's more!

You also get a nice batch of resin for the belly radome, ADF antennas and some other small antennas. There is also a housing aft of the tail wheel and a pair of clear resin observation windows for the aft of the aircraft just in front of the tail planes.

If you want a sheet, better get it very soon as most of the production run has already been sold.

January 2007

Review sheet courtesy Leading Edge Decals. Thanks for your support

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