Mike Grant Decals 1/144 BAC Lightning

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Scott Van Aken


Mike Grant also produces very nice 1/144 sheets that are perfect for those who enjoy the really small scales when it comes to doing military planes. This one includes markings for three aircraft, though one can really do one of five. Wing Walks are provided in both white and black, which really helps thing along.

First up is an F.3 from 111sq in bare metal with a black spine/tail. Alternate markings for a less flamboyant 111 plane are provided, though one really needs Warpaint #14 on the BAC Lightning to be able to use this option.

A similar situation is for the F.6 from 11 Sq, one of the last units to fly the Lightning. The sheet plane is in the later scheme of Medium Sea Grey over Barley Grey with a black fin and spine. Alternate markings are provided, again requiring the Warpaint #14 to complete, though it appears to be in the older green/grey camouflage.

Finally, a bare metal F.2A from 19 Sq in the 1960s.

The only kit around for this is the Revell AG 1/144 F.55 kit. One needs to carefully check the reference to see if the upper and lower gun ports are to be filled or not. For those wanting to do the F.3, a conversion set is available from Mike Grant at the link below. These are ALPS printed decals so care has to be used with them, including keeping them away from strong setting solutions.

As with all of Mike Grant's products, they are available direct from the link below.

Review copy courtesy of Mike Grant Decals. Thanks for your support.

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