FCM 48-037: AT-26 Xavante (MB.326) 

Sky Models 72-009 for the Aermacchi MB.339

Sky Models 48-021 for Macchi C.200

Spada Decals SD 32-001: Macchi C. 200 Saeta

Sky Models 1/48  Macchi C.202

Stormo 48007: Battle of Malta - Macchi C.202 Aces

Superscale 48-862 for the Macchi C.202 'Folgore'

Mike Grant Decals; Smoke Ring Camo for the MC.202/205

Sky Models 72034 for the Macchi C.205 Veltro

Sky Models 48-020 for the Macchi C.205 'Veltro'

Stormo 48009: MC.205 Italian Aces Part II

Superscale 48-861 for the Macchi C.205 'Veltro'

Three Guys Replicas 48-013: Macchi MC.205

Isradecal #85: IAF Fouga Magister

Max Decals 7205 for Fouga Magisters 

Max Decals 7223; International Fouga Magister

Max 4805 for the Fouga Magister

Max Decals 4823: International Fouga Magister

Euro Decals 72116: Meteor FR.9

FCM 72047: Gloster Meteor (Brazil)

IsraDecals #26 for IAF Gloster Meteor in 1/72

Isradecals #63: Middle East Meteors

Kits-World KW172102 1/72 Meteor F.4

Euro Decals 48116: Meteor FR.9

FCM 48053: Gloster Meteor (Brazil)

FCM 48054: Gloster Meteor

Isradecals #25 on the Gloster Meteor in IAF Service in 1/48

Xtradecal 48-043 for the Meteor F.8

Xtradecal X48158: Meteor F.8 pt.1

ODecal 72300: Mi-2 'Hoplight' - Warsaw Pact

L Decals Studio 1/48 Mi-4

Kopro 93110: Mi-8 'Hip' - Farewell to Hip

Ze-Ro Decals 072006: Mi-8TV-1

Balkan Models BM-7206: Balkan Mi-24 Hinds

Caracal Models CD 48104: Last Hinds of NATO

Zotz 48-013 for the Mi-25 Hind

Isradecal #34: Mirage IIIB/C

Carpena 72-08: Mirage III/V Part 1

Carpena 72-23: Mirage III/5 part 2

Carpena 72-24: Mirage III/5 part 3

FCM Decals # 72033: Mirage Part 1

FCM Decals # 72034: Mirage Part 2

Matterhorn Circle Decals MC48014: Mirage IIIS/RS (early)

Matterhorn Circle Decals MC48015: Mirage IIIS/RS (late)

Matterhorn Circle Decals MC48016: Mirage IIIS Holloman

AeroDecal 48-50 for Mirage III.

Caracal Models CD 48067: Mirage III over Australia

Caracal Models CD 48097: Mirage III over Australia Pt.2

GDKits GDK 48001 Mirage IIIS/DS

FCM 4829: Mirage Part 1

IsraDecals Mirage III B/C

Isradecal #71: Mirage IIIB/C

Euro Decals 32121: Mirage III

FCM 32021: Mirage IIIEBR

Shyartdecal 48/72-004  Mirage IV P N 59 93-Cest Fini

Albatros Modelworks 48-010 'The Dark Mirage' for the Mirage F.1

Berna Decals 48-72 Mirage F.1B

Eagle Strike 48-254: Mirage F.1 part 1

Eagle Strike 48-255: Mirage F.1 part 2

FCM 48046: Mirage F.1 Part 1

Mission Mark Decals mmd48-001: Mirage F.1CR/CT

Zotz 48020: Mirage F.1CT Salut Beaute

DXM Decals DXM41-7109: 1/72 Mirage 2000D - EC 3/3 60 Years

FCM 72-038: Mirage 2000

Shyart Decal 008: 2003 Tiger Meet Mirage 2000C.

DXM Decals DXM41-4115: 1/48 Mirage 2000D - EC 3/3 60 Years

DXM Decals DXM 71-4230: 1/48 Mirage 2000C, EC 1/12, Tiger Meet 2009

FCM 48-040: Mirage 2000

PMA Decals PMAD012: Mirage 2000-5

PMA Decals PMAD013: Mirage 2000-5Ei

Syhart Decals "Last Flight" BA103 Cambrai-Epinoy 2012

Syhart Decals Mirage 2000N: EC2/4 'LaFayette'

Shyart #105: Mirage 2000-5 EC 1/2 'Cigognes' 2017

AIMS Decal 72D014 Mistel 1 'early warhead'

ADS #012-72 for the Mosquito

Aviaeology AOD72005m RCAF Mosquitoes

Aviaeology AOD720011: Canadians in Coastal Command #3 (Mossies)

BarracudaCals BC72165: Mosquito Airframe Stencils - Expanded

Eagle Cals 168: Mosquito FB.VI

Eagle Strike 72-075 for the Mosquito

 Eagle Strike 72-076: Wooden Wonder pt II

Isradecal #73: IAF Mosquito and Texan/Harvard

Liveries Unlimited AGA7-014 for the BOAC Mosquito FB VI

Aeromaster 48-043 for the Mossie VI

Aeromaster 48-298 for the Mosquito

Aeromaster 48-303 for postwar Mossie B.35s

Aeromaster 48-428 for the Mosquito

 BarracudaCals BC48166: Mosquito Airframe Stencils - Expanded.

Caracal Models CD 48183: USAAF Mosquitos

Eagle Cals 167: Mosquito B/PR Mk IV

Eagle Strike 48-175: Mosquite Best Sellers Pt 1

Eagle Strike 48-176: Mosquite Best Sellers Pt 2

Isradecal #72: IAF Mosquito

Kits at War DDK48022: Mosquito

Superscale 48-013 on the Mosquito FB.VI

Aviaeology AOD32005m: RCAF Mosquitos 418 Sq

Aviaeology AOD32011: RCAF Mosquitos - Canadians in Coastal Command #3

Aviaeology AOD32033: Coastal Command Strike Wings - The Outriders: 333 (Nor) Squadron

 Aviaeology AOD24S05: Mosquito Airframe Stencils

Aviaeology AOD24005 Canadians in Fighter Command #1

BarracudaCals BC24167: Mosquito Airframe Stencils - Expanded

Techmod 72137 M.S. 406 C1

Aeromaster 48-002 on Finnish Aces (includes MS 406s)

Aeromaster 48-455 for the Morane-Saulnier MS. 406,

Caracal Models CD 72001 MQ-9 Reaper

Berna Decals 7218: Mystere IVA

IsraDecal #31 and #32 for the Mystere IV


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