DXM Decals DXM 71-4230: Mirage 2000C, EC 1/12, Tiger Meet 2009




EC 1/12

Review By:

Scott Van Aken


For Kinetic 1/48 Mirage 2000C

The Tiger Meet is a chance for squadrons that use a tiger as part of their unit badge, to get together and show off some fancy paint schemes. Some are fairly subdued and some are quite extensive. As the years have gone on, these have gotten more and more exotic with many of these consisting of stickers. This allows some pretty incredible work without having to put the plain into the pain shop. Apparently they stay on quite well and are fairly easy to remove. NASCAR racers use these instead of paint and while expensive, are a good way to do things like this.

This sheet from DXM is for a Mirage 2000C from EC 2/12 that participated in the 2009 Tiger Meet. It is a pretty incredible work and DXM has done a superlative job of duplicating it for the model builder. The recommended kit for this is by Kinetic. The instructions are quite complete and provide assistance in terms of what goes on in what order. The scan makes all the metallic silver areas look grey, but they really are silver. 

A most welcome special scheme sheet that will really look great when done.

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