Xtradecal X72087: Meteor T.7



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Scott Van Aken


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Though not a new sheet, it is nice to have one to cover this aircraft. Aside from the Aeroclub short run conversion for the Matchbox kit, the only other one of which I am aware is the MPM kit, itself one that is several years old.

This sheet provides eleven different options, most of them in overall high speed silver with the majority of these wearing the standard yellow trainer bands. These bands need to be painted on. Not shown in the above image are two Belgian planes in overall silver with more than the usual amount of yellow painted on the airframe. The sheet provides sufficient insignia for two British and the Belgian option. Any data markings will need to come from the kit decals.

From the top left is a plane of Station Flight Leuchars. This has underfuselage yellow and black stripes typical of target tugs.

Second is one from 603 Squadron in 1957 with no trainer bands.

Next is a 611 squadron plane with its interesting yellow/black triange unit markings.

In all black with da-glo red ares is a plane of Station Flight  RNAS Yeovilton from 1967.

The other Royan Navy option with standard scheme and a blue rudder is  a Station Flight RNAS Lossiemouth aircraft.

From the top right is a 502 Squadron aircraft. This has no trainer band.

Also with no trainer bands is a 111 Squadron aircraft.

With 33 Squadron is a plane with da-glo red areas and underside black/yellow bands.

After this is a 500 Squadron plane from 1953.

Finally a 607 Squadron aircraft  from the mid 1950s.

In all, a very nice sheet that provides some interesting options if one doesn't want to use the kit markings.

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January 2024

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