Berna Decals 7218: Mystere IVA

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Scott Van Aken

There are two 1/72 kits generally available for the Mystere IVA. One is the Matchbox kit from 1987 and the other is the much nicer Valom kit, which is a multimedia short run kit. Both offer some fairly nice markings options, but from what I've seen, only the Matchbox kit provides standard French markings. Those are for an EC12 plane from 1955. This sheet offers three more options. First is a EC 1/8 plane from 1980 when it was used as a fighter trainer. The next is from EC 1/7 in 1971. Finally we have an EC 1/2 plane as participated in the Suez War. This option includes the nice Suez stripes and also has red wing tips along with the rudder stripes that are absent on the other two options.

In addition, there is a full stencil suite and notes on each of the options. No particular kit is indicated, but I have a feeling it was designed for the Valom kit, though it could easily be used on the Matchbox offering as well. The decals are nicely printed and should provide no issues.

January 2022

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