Techmod 72137 M.S. 406 C1
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Scott Van Aken

The MS 406 filled the majority of French fighter units at the beginning of WWII. There were better planes coming, but the issues with manufacturing meant that those newer planes were not going to be available in the numbers expected. The French did what they could, but were fairly outclassed by the Bf-109E.

With the influx of Polish aircrew following the fall of Poland in 1939, it was natural that they would be used to add to various French units, and it seems they all were flying the MS.406. This sheet provides options for eight aircraft. All were painted in the standard four color French camouflage, none of which were exactly the same so those are fun for those who like to paint. Quite a few of these planes, especially those with the Polish training unit, wore the Polish insignia on the fuselage.

The set comes with fairly large camouflage views and there are enough common markings for two airplanes. Many Techmod sets include a canopy mask and this one is no exception. There is no kit specified for these masks, but in this scale, the kit has been released by Frog, Heller, Hasegawa, AZ, and Hobby Boss to name those that come to mind.

If you have one of those kits and are looking for something a bit different, this sheet would be a good choice.

May 2021

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