Euro Decals 72116: Meteor FR.9
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Scott Van Aken

This sheet for the 1/72 modeler has markings for eight Meteor FR.9 aircraft. This plane was pretty well only flown by the RAF and most of the schemes are camouflaged in the dark sea grey/dark green over PRU blue scheme.

The type was based on the F.8 and like that aircraft, some of these options have the early canopy. There is only one kit of which I am aware of this version in this scale and that is MPM kit #72534. This kit is available and checking prices shows it to be about $35 by the time you get it. The other is to use the Matchbox Meteor Night fighter and an Aeroclub conversion nose, but I think that may well be difficult to find.

So here is what is on the sheet.

First up is a plane of 2 Squadron based in Germany during 1955.

Next is an 8 Sqadron plane based in RAF Sharjah in 1959.

In high speed silver is a 208 squadron aircraft based in the Middle East during the 1950s. This has the early canopy.

The first of three 79 Squadron planes is next from 1955 with large red arrows on the fuselage.

Another high speed silver plane, this one from 226 OCU based in the UK in 1954

Next is a plane of an unknown unit with the fuselage codes of BZ in the UK during the 50s.

With a very high demarcation line for its underside PRU blue is a 79 squadron plane based in Germany during 1953. This aircraft has code letters on the fuselage instead of the colorful unit bands.

Finally, the same unit at a later date with the nice fuselage bands.

The decals are very nicely printed and it comes with a well done instruction booklet. A nice selection of markings for the Meteor fan.

September 2018

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