Mike Grant Decals 48-043: Smoke Ring Camo

Units: for the MC.202/205




Scott Van Aken


I can always count on Mike Grant to come up with something a bit unusual and interesting. This time, it is a fine set of camouflage decals. This idea isn't brand new, as Sweet did something like this for their 1/144 Macchi C.200 and more recently Fine Molds 1/72 Bf-109F provided the upper flying surfaces with complete decals. However, this is the first I know of in 1/48 and it is for a type of camouflage that most of us are not at all good at applying. The last time I tried this, they started out nice and tight on one wing and by the time I got to the other, the rings had gotten considerably larger!

Now that isn't a problem as this ALPS printed sheet as one simply cuts out the decal needed (the sheet has a solid carrier film) and applies it as normal over the usual base color. In this case, Polly Scale Italian Hazel Tan is recommended as being the shade most compatible. As with all ALPS decals, strong setting solutions are to be avoided, but the more mild ones like Microsol/set will work just fine. This sheet is also available in 1/72 for those who prefer working in that scale.

A truly inspiring sheet and one that I hope catches on as I know I'd like to see some of the other Italian camo schemes done in this manner. Below is a photo of a model built using these decals.

Mike Grant Decals can be purchased via his web site at the link below.

Review copy courtesy of Mike Grant Decals. Thanks for your support.

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