Cutting Edge 48-248: P-59 Airacomet pt 1

Cutting Edge 48-254 for the P-59 Airacomet (pt 2)


White Dog PMT 72007  for the 1/72 P-61B Black Widow

White Dog PMT 72008 for the 1/72 P-61A Black Widow

Aeromaster 48-475 for the P-61 Black Widow.

Aeromaster 48-628 for P-61B Black Widows

Aeromaster 48-629 for P-61A Black Widows

Pyn-Up 48-014 for the P-61 Black Widow

Superscale 48-042 for the P-61 Black Widow

Superscale 48-647 for P-61 Black Widows


Microscale 48-107 for P-80A Shooting Stars

White Dog 721003 for the PB4Y-2 Privateer

Eagle Strike 72-044 for the Pe-2

Cutting Edge 44005 for the Pegasus and L.1011

Aeromaster 48-621; PZL P.11c


Model Alliance MAS-729013: Hunting Percival Pembroke C.1

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