Aeromaster 48-629: Black Widows pt II

Unit: 6 NFS




Scott Van Aken

Going along with the previous P-61 sheet, this one is for planes of the 6th NFS. All are P-61As, all are in OD over Neutral Grey, all have bare fiberglass radomes. Interestingly, they are all shown with an upper turret or fuel tank. I suggest checking references for the upper turret as these were not installed on a rather large number of A models because the B-29 used the same turret and it had a higher priority.

Anyway, the first plane is 'Moonhappy'.  This plane scored the Black Widow's first kill. It has red serial numbers.

Next is 'Nightie Mission'. The nose art is provided in both pink and blue as the color cannot be properly determined. Note that these planes all have a solid nose wheel, unlike the spoked version used by the B models.

Finally, 'Jap Batty' with what is a long range fuel tank in place of the upper turret. You may spot that all of these planes have a light grey stripe of varying widths on the bottom of the radome. This and the previous plane have yellow serials and possibly yellow wing walk markings as well. Check references.

The sheet provides insignia for all, data for one plane and one set of red wing walk markings.

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