Aeromaster 48-628: Black Widows pt I

Unit: 548 NFS




Scott Van Aken

As part of Aeromaster's continuing program of 'Best Sellers' (i.e. repeats of items from older sheets), this one is on the P-61 Black Widow. One thing about this collection is that all are P-61Bs, all are overall gloss black with red cowl flaps and spinners, and all are from the 548th NFS based on Iwo Jima and Ie Shima in mid 1945 near the close of the Pacific War. The only current (July 2003) kit around is the venerable Monogram P-61 that has been issued under the Revell and Hasegawa labels over the years. It is probably one of Monogram's best sellers as it never seems to leave their catalogue.

Since they are so much the same, the only thing to differentiate them are the names and the serial numbers. What you have on this sheet are 'Midnite Madness', which offers alternate colors for the name on the left side, 'Coopers Snooper', my personal favorite as it contains a buxom blonde in the artwork, and 'The Spook/Anonymous III' which has a sort of shark mouth and which collided with 'Midnite Madness' in April of 1945, writing them both off in the process.

Now these markings will probably fit the upcoming AMtech P-61 as well so you may as well grab them while the getting is good. I should also mention that there are enough insignia for them all and enough data and wing walk markings for one.

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