Cutting Edge 48-254: Airacomet pt 2




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Scott Van Aken


Here is the second sheet on the P-59 Airacomet. This one has all later P-59A and B models, mostly in overall bare metal.

First up is the red (or black) YP-59A that has been converted to a drone controller with an open cockpit in the nose.

Next is a P-59B from Santa Maria, CA in 1945.

#82 is the plane of 'Tex' Hill when he was Group Commander of the 412th FG during early 1945.

'Smokey Stover' was the P-59A that was sent to Alaska in late 1944 for cold weather trials.

#108 is an P-59B of the USN test center at Pax River in 1947.

Finally, the same drone controller, this time in the earlier colors of  OD over Neutral Grey.

If you've not built your Hobbycraft P-59,this sheet should give you some options!

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